Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Website!

As you have likely noticed, I have not added any new content to this blog for quite a long time!  

Instead, I have been very busy putting together a more extensive version of what you see here.  As explained in our history, this has been the end goal all along, and I am so excited to officially launch!  The revamped MyDogLikes still have the same focus on product reviews, but also include a blog, user profiles and even a discussion forum.  The site aims to operate as a community for dog lovers, with contributions and opinions from all readers and users.  Everyone is invited to become a member (although not necessary), rate and comment on any entry, and even submit your own reviews.  

We have put together quite a bit of content already, but MANY more features and reviews are on the way shortly!  I am hoping to get some early users to help get things going and also share any suggestions for improvements as well!

We want to make this site as much of a resource for dog owners as possible so please stop by and take a look!  Any comments and contributions are very much appreciated!